Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen in Palermo

Anders Petersen

After many years of teaching in Tuscany, and workshops in Venice, Rome and Siracusa last year, Anders Petersen will be in Palermo next May, with his workshop Surprised by the Unpredictable.


Palermo, Sicily –  Italy • May 13-19, 2018

In Spring 2017 we ran a workshop in Siracusa, with Anders Petersen. It was a very successful event, and in 2018 we plan to do it again, this time in Palermo.
Palermo is the ‘capital’ of Sicily, a unique and fascinating mix of Byzantine, Arabic and Norman influences. It’s a lively metropolis – the centre is one of Europe’s foremost historical sites. There are palaces and gardens, markets and churches, and a vibrant nightlife. It’s the ideal place for putting into practice all you learn during the morning sessions with Anders Petersen.
Anders classes are an event in themselves. We will talk about photography, film, life, love… it’s Anders’ style. We will take new photographs, or find inspiration for new projects. We will go wherever our imaginations – and Anders’ ceaseless creativity – take us.
Expect your perspectives to shift. The week will be about photography, of course, but it will be mainly about yourself. It will be about how you want to use your camera to re-interpret the world, within and without you.
The week will be divided between theory classes, shooting time, discussion, sharing moment. We will experience – together with Anders Petersen – something that would not before have seemed possible.
We will choose a hotel in the centre of the city for those students who would like to stay together, or you can choose to find your own accommodation in one of the many hotels, B&Bs and AirBnBs in town.
Usually we run classes in the morning, looking at your portfolio first and then having critique on the work produced on location.
Most evenings we get together again for dinner, exploring some of the many cafes, bar and little restaurants that Palermo is famous for. There’s also a wonderful choice of street food and place to eat near the beaches around Palermo.
The word photography means so many different things depending on time, the social situation, the public and specially who is behind the camera. I believe the only approach to your reality is to illuminate it through yourself so whatever you take pictures of it have to be as close as self-portraits. That kind of platform is never riskless, but absolutely stimulating. And I want you to have fun, having a good time not just looking for the Good picture but the believable picture showing yourself. To capture things and entering new rooms in your personality that seem to be valid the way you see them. During this workshop I have only the simple wish that you get close to yourself, naked and vulnerable, when meeting people, being surprised by the unpredictable.
We will work everyday with assignments showing daily work but in the beginning I’m looking forward to see your personal portfolios. And of course I’m showing pictures myself. One week of personal photography. Workshop in simple English. Prepare yourself; please be koko and thoroughly rested.”
Anders Petersen




Join us for this unique experience and fully live a week in Palermo, Sicily, with the master of contemporary photography