Summer   •  September 24 – 30, 2023

Shape, Light, Space. Body and Portrait in Black and White

TPW always wanted to run a workshop in Greece.
Such a fascinating country, so close to Italy to make you think that they are somehow similar, on two different sides of the Mediterranean sea, and yet so different due to historical and cultural heritage.
After meeting Vassilis Pitoulis, and having long chats with him, and discovering we have the same vision about photography and life, we invited him to join our “family” and teach a workshop with us.

Vassilis usually does not run many workshop ( one very 4-5 year!), but he gladly accepted our invitation and offer his availability.
From Italian and Greek heritage, he’s got the best of two worlds! His pictures, in black and white, have an elegant and sensual approach. Whether it is a portrait, or a silhouette, or a nude, they all share the same intense background. Each picture tells a story, about the model and the place where it is shot.

During the week, you’ll have the chance, under his guidance, to enrich your portfolio and add new strong pictures. We will be shooting in the villa that will be our studio, on the beaches (at this time of the year they will be rather empty, most of the tourists gone), in the woods around Sivota.
Models will be available to help you to create new personal images, and be inspired by their skill.
There will be everyday critiques of your work, to help you improve your vision and techniques.


VENUE – Sivota, Greece Italy

Sivota is a corner of paradise just in front of Corfù. Strange enough, you will have to fly to Corfù (which in summer is connected with all of major European cities) and then take a ferry and reach the mainland, from there we will organize a pick up to lead you to Sivota

Corfù airport to Ferry Terminal, aprox € 15 (10 minutes)
Ferry to Igoumenitsa € 12 (90 minutes)
Igoumenitsa to Sivota (20 minutes)

As usual at our workshop, we will all share the experiences throughout the day, from shooting, to critiques, to meals and relax moments. There will group and individual critiques, and the same with shooting. Students will be shooting individually, with maybe a companion to help as an assistant. Far from us the idea of having more photographers shooting the same model at the same time!

Meals together are of course an essential part of the workshop: it’s when we relax and get together, talking about the experience of the day, sharing ideas and techniques, enjoying the meal cooked by our cook Maria  and the local wines.


There is a very cool hotel just outside our Villa, at walking distance.
We have arranged special price of € 200 for two bedrooms suite with two private rooms with private bathrooms, so it will be € 100 per room including breakfast.

Of course feel free to find other accommodations nearby, just make sure that these are not too distant from our center.
Lunch and dinners will be at our Villa, at a weekly cost of € 350, including dinner from Sunday night to dinner Friday night.
Maria will cook for us, typical Greek food. Lunch will be a break between the shooting session, and dinner a more relaxed event, to enjoy the evening and talk about the experience of the day.


Vassilis Pitoulis Is a Greek photographer born and raised in Bologna (Italy).

He started experimenting with fashion photography as a young man living in Paris in the 80s. Due to family obligations he did not devote himself fully to fine art until much later.

It was after a life threatening health issue event when he decided to leave everything behind and devote himself fully to the art of fashion/ nude photography.

His works are primarily in black and white, as he loves to play with light of the shadows of expression. Women are the main source of his inspiration. His models are elegant, beautiful, yet fearless, and bold; there is nothing they can’t do! They are free to express their femininity, as they wish, without limits, and will often be amused to participate with the photographer in a more ironic and playful interpretation of reality.

We can see Vassilis Pitoulis work constantly making magazine covers, and being very present on the social media, gaining thousands of followers and attention on a daily basis. His ambition drives him across the world on the never ending quest to render his ideas and inspirations.


WORKSHOP DATES  Summer Workshops – September 24-30, 2023
WHERE Sivota, Greece
MODEL FEE  € 500