Summer Workshop at Villa Lina   July 31 -August 6, 2022 



Nicolas Guérin teaching concentrates on two aspects: the philosophy of photography by itself which helps students to understand the direction they want to take, and the psychological aspects of working with model: talking, creating the right mood, making a personal contact with a model to reveal her/his charisma.

There will also be sessions dedicated to the more technical aspects – light, composition – needed to achieve very strong portrait/body pictures

For students interesting in portraiture, body, personal research and art-photography, it will be a unique moment of confrontation and growth.

VENUE – Villa Lina, Ronciglione, Italy

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Nicolas Guérin is a guy who loves cinema and enjoys taking pictures.
His favourite subjects are the old geniuses from the film industry with nice white beards, usually met in Cannes or Berlin.
Sometimes he prefers to travel the world and shoot nude girls in Polaroids, because it is fun.
His favourite color is the grey and he is happy with this…

Nicolas shares his time between portraiture, fashion and commercials, including cover stories for ESQUIRE, GQ, TIME, SIGHT & SOUND, IO DONNA, LE MONDE, POSITIF, 3COULEURS, TRANSFUGE, GLINT, FIASCO, and recent commercials for clients as ROLEX, LONGINES, SCHWEPPES, PEUGEOT, TECHNOMARINE, MIKLI STARCK EYES, BEAUME&MERCIER, JEAGER LECOUTRE, ESSILOR, LOZZA, PARROT, GRAND OPTICAL, PLAYBOY …

His work is worldwide distributed by Contour ( GETTY )


WORKSHOP DATES  Summer Workshop – July 31 – August 6, 2022
WHERE Villa Lina, Ronciglione – Italy 
WORKSHOP FEE  € 1.380 
MODEL FEE  € 400