TOKYO, JAPAN  November 9-16, 2019

I like Tokyo best at night, when I am alone, in places like Shinjuku where the flow of humanity, on its way to who knows where, has no end. Eyes are forward, little eye contact, the conveyor belt of the nameless marching somewhere I will never go. Great street photography asks questions, offers few answers, inviting the viewer in for a second or third look. There is simply no better place on the planet to immerse oneself into this river of humanity, getting close, exploring the energy that flows beneath the surface, beyond the obvious.

The challenge for every photographer is to find your own path and develop your own unique way of visual storytelling on the street; in short, to produce one-of-a-kind work that illuminates your subject, through a powerful and authentic personal vision. In this workshop, James Whitlow Delano will offer personalized instruction on how to create a project and bring it to fruition. Participants will propose a street photography story idea, or conceptual idea of related images, go out on the streets and shoot daily, receive daily critiques; and editing advice one on one, and through class discussions. Think about your story idea before you arrive and do some research, so you’ll have some sense of the issue or theme before arriving.

In this workshop James will focus on building concrete strategies towards developing your ideas, deepening themes, and establishing an ongoing visual dialogue with your subject. Also, to work on a global level, photographers need to develop new survival and technical skills; and understand current trends in international media and platforms. He will discuss global trends in the industry, share personal projects and back-stories behind the making of a street photography project, and the challenge of full immersion in diverse places and cultures. The emphasis will be to offer participants strategies for creating photo essays that stand apart from the masses of images bombarding viewers every day. Your photographic style can be instantly recognizable.



James Whitlow Delano is a Japan-based documentary storyteller. His work has been published and exhibited throughout the world and led to four award-winning monograph photo books, including, “Empire: Impressions from China” and “Black Tsunami: Japan 2011”. Projects have been cited with the Alfred Eisenstadt Award (from Columbia University and Life Magazine), Leica’s Oskar Barnack, Picture of the Year International, NPPA Best of Photojournalism, PDN and others for work from China, Japan, Afghanistan and Burma (Myanmar), etc. In 2015, he founded EverydayClimateChange (ECC) Instagram feed, where photographers from 6 continents document global climate change on 7 continents. ECC documents how climate change is not happening “over there” but it is also happening right here and right now. ECC is not a western view on climate change because photographers come from the north, the south; the east and the west; and are as diverse as the cultures in which we were all raised. Delano is a grantee of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.



Instagram: @jameswhitlowdelano

EverydayClimateChange on Instagram: @everydayclimatechange





We had originally planned this workshop in April, in order for participants to be there during the cherry blossom – hanami – happening in April. We realized then than this is the most crowded time of the year, where people come from all over the worlds to admire the magic o-hanami

Many friends living in Tokyo suggested to change the dates to late autumn, where the colours of foliage gives golden reflections to the whole city, there are less tourists around and temperature is prefect.

Even if this is not  “landscape workshop” I am sure those of you visiting Japan for the first time, will be happy to be there at this time of the year.

Tokyo is divided into many microcosms.  James suggest to stay in these areas:

Roppongi, Shinjuku and Shibuya



The ideal is to stay in the same hotel or, if not possible, the same area.

In Shinjuku there are some reasonably priced hotel. I will send you a list and then you’ll be free to join us, or choose your own accommodation, keeping in mind that it should be close to our meeting point.

We are planning to find accommodation priced at around € 100 per night

Usually we will meet in the morning for portfolio reviews, critique and classes, and use afternoons/evenings/night for shooting


During the day, we will probably be out wondering around the city, working on our projects, so participants will be responsible for finding their own lunch. In the evenings, according to TPW tradition, it will be nice to meet for dinner, and share the stories and experiences of the day. Tokyo is a culinary paradise, and we will be able, with James’s help and our local fixer, to find nice and authentic places.


Bring your laptop, with everything that goes with it: cables, chargers, card readers, and your photo equipment. Bring an extra body, in case something happens to your camera, and we suggest bringing the minimum amount of lenses.
Consider an external hard disk to make a back up of your daily shooting.




WORKSHOP DATES November 9-16 , 2019
WHERE Tokyo, Japan
WORKSHOP FEE €  1300 +  22% taxes