Florence, Italy • October 15-21  2021 

Compared to just a few years ago, shooting high quality videos is now – thanks to the amazing quality of new generation cameras (and phones!) – possible for everybody.
But let’s these devices not trick us: they are just “boxes”, with no value if not backed up by a personal vision and knowledge.

As in shooting with still cameras (and probably even more) you need a solid background and a special sensibility: every day we watch videos – news, musical, advertising, – and everything seems extremely easy.

But when it comes to making your own video, above the average and with a strong message, things get tougher.  Compared to still photography, a video offers you different ways to tell your story. You can, in few minutes (not too many, statistically the attention span is approx. 3-4 minutes) tell a lot.

If in photography you can apply the attitude “I’ll fix that in Photoshop”, video requires a much deeper preparation. From storyboard to choosing the right angle and frame, from point of view to final editing, without mentioning audio and special effects. We should not film everything that we think we might need and then edit afterward. It will produce a huge quantity of material, difficult to deal with when it comes to editing.

We need to do our home-work before shooting, decide who or what our subject will be: in case of people, prepare an interview or scout the best location to use, in case of landscape study the best light and time of the day. Step by step, build the elements of this puzzle, and then assemble them all for the final edit.

During this workshop we will acquire all the instruments needed to produce high quality videos, from the initial idea to the final presentation. We will then be able to produce original travel stories, but also to narrate, in a different and sometimes stronger way than photography, special moments of our lives: a cultural event, a concert, a sport game, a business meeting, our family and friends…

Let’s give our ideas more space, as we did with photography. The advantage with video is that we can do all this with the camera we already own!

During the week, we will also have one session on drone photography: which one to chose, how to use, laws and restrictions.


This workshop will take place in Florence.

Believe it or not, in almost 30 years of TPW (Toscana Photographic Workshop), we never held a workshop in Florence, the Capital!

Andrea Pistolesi, who will run this workshop, was born and lives here: what a better guide to help the students discover the hidden beauties of the place!

September will be the ideal time of the year, with most of the tourists already gone, and still with long days and night and a cool summer atmosphere. We will be lodged in the centre of the city, where we we’ll have many photo-shoot opportunities, but will also take short trips in the beautiful countryside around the city.

Bring your laptop, with either Premiere or Final Cut installed. If you don’t have it, you can download the trial version, it lasts 30 days. It will give you time, before, during and after the class to get familiar with it.


Andrea Pistolesi

Born in Florence, Andrea Pistolesi studied geography at the local university. He continues to live between here, a home-place he considers not so much an urban center but a continuous source of inspiration, and Bangkok, ideal base to cover Asia.
With the evolution of his vocation to explore man and places, Andrea has become a travel photographer specialized in geographic and social reportage in every part of the world. Today he works on assignment for major publications. His photographic books on exotic destinations (Indonesia, New Zealand, Morocco, South Africa, The Land of Buddha, Hinduism, Eastern Christianity) have been published in addition to illustrated travel books on the major European subjects. He is the sole author of the photos in the Bonechi Publishers US book series (35 titles) and his book on prayer in the world’s major religions was published in 2007. A total of over 100 titles published internationally.
Andrea has become especially known for his research on the use of existing light, which he combines with a formal yet personalized composition of his images, deeply influenced by his classical Florentine origins. He was one of the first explorers of the digital technology: his book “Back in Town”, dedicated to his first digital works, was published in 1998.
He is holding workshops every year on Geographical and Digital Photography.
The approach to Fine Art Photography came as a natural evolution of this professional career. His work has been exhibited both in Italy and abroad. He participated with a personal show at the VII Biennale di Fotografia in Turin and won the 1998 First Award in the Italian selection of the Fuji European Press Award. In 2017 he was the author of the prestigious Epson calendar.
With PadPlaces he was the first photographer worldwide to have his personal publishing application and under the same brand he is publishing books and E-books.


WORKSHOP DATES Spring 2021 – dates to be announced