Photo-Moto Workshop in Sicily

photo © Paul Elledge


I met Paul Elledge for the first time in 2000.

At this time, TPW still had his HQ in Buonconvento, Tuscany.

It did not take long to start a friendship that has lasted throughout the years till now.

I remember his Friday night slide show, where he was showing, together with his work, images about is childhood…

And the big love he had for rock music and motorbikes.

In those days, I was also a biker (a city one, driving a fantastic silver and aubergine Triumph Bonneville, the same as Bob Dylan’s!) and we started talking about motorbikes.

That was our yearly ritual, sit down in front of a glass of wine and talk bikes. Then, at one point, we came up of idea of how wonderful it would have been to run a workshop using the bikes as a mean of transportation…

Years went by, the idea kept growing….

Finally, last year, we decided it was time to do it, kind of a “now or never” challenge.

We put together some ideas, and the natural place where to run this turned out to be Sicily…and of course the part of Sicily we know better, the east coast.

Thanks to some local friends, we started working on the project and last December we were ready to launch it.

So far we have a good group of adventurous photographers joining us.

We will rent scooters in Siracusa, and in the following days we will explore the east coast and travel as far as Ragusa and Modica and other towns in he area….

And then, back to Siracusa!

If you like riding on two wheels at a slow pace, and like photography and the discovery it brings, this will be the place to be next May.

Join us, alone or with a friend, and share the road with us!