Anders-Petersen-TPW-Naples workshop

Anders Petersen Surprised by the Unpredictable in Naples 2020

Anders Petersen is back in Italy! We had to postpone this workshop twice, and now we finally have the new dates for 2021 : mMay 9-15, still in Naples

The workshop was originally sold out, but due to the change of dates some participants had to cancel, and now we have  a couple of empty spots.

Surprised by the Unpredictable. After Venice, Rome, Siracusa and Palermo, we will have a full immersion experience with the master of photography, a long time teacher at TPW.

The word photography means so many different things depending on time, the social situation, the public and specially who is behind the camera. I believe the only approach to your reality is to illuminate it through yourself so whatever you take pictures of it have to be as close as self-portraits. That kind of platform is never riskless, but absolutely stimulating. And I want you to have fun, having a good time not just looking for the Good picture but the believable picture showing yourself. To capture things and entering new rooms in your personality that seem to be valid the way you see them. During this workshop I have only the simple wish that you get close to yourself, naked and vulnerable, when meeting people, being surprised by the unpredictable.

We will work everyday with assignments showing daily work but in the beginning I’m looking forward to see your personal portfolios. And of course I’m showing pictures myself. One week of personal photography. Workshop in simple English. Prepare yourself; please be koko and thoroughly rested.”

Anders Petersen