Dear friends, in 2023 we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary!

We anticipated the event with our book last year, but 2023 will be the official date.

From a small group gathering together on the hills of Buonconvento (Tuscany) in 1994, to our workshops in other wonderful venues in Italy and abroad, we crossed 30 years of changes…
At the start, there were no digital cameras, no cell phones, no internet…
But we survived.
We changed venues, we explored new countries; every year, new teachers joined us in our path.

To celebrate this important goal, we are thinking of launching a new project: MY TPW.

We are inviting all students of TPW (soo many in 30 years!) to send us max 3 photographs shot during their staying at TPW. It can be a pic that was used for the final selection, or a back stage pic, or a landscape or a portrait of someone you met during the workshop.

Together with the images, it will be very useful to include of course your name (or nickname you want to use), some data about the photo(s): where, when, subject, possibly teacher.
We will create a new page on our website  and then post it on our social media.

In our book we had many photographs from TPW files: now it is your turn to go through your archives and find pictures to submit.

We expect (and hope) that you will join us in this project, so that in a month we will be ready to show your work on our website and FB.

So, why wait? Start the search now, select the images, and send these to us, either by e-mail or with we transfer.
Size should be 1600×1600 pix  with 150 dpi resolution.
Send to – it is a dedicated email for this project.

Thank you so much, I am looking forward to hear from you: if you have any suggestions and questions, please contact me.


  • First name    Last Name
  • Biography or news and commnets with up to 1500 characters
  • Nationality
  • Country of residence

Upload Photos

  • 1 to 3photographs, please specify teacher(s) and  year(s) and venue(s)
  • Allowed file types: JPG
  • At least 3000px on the long side
  • 100 dpi
  • Image title
  • Image description

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