Workshop in Athens-2020-Lorenzo Castore - TPW


Athens, Greece • September 6-12, 2020

Wandering in Athens with Lorenzo Castore

We had planned a workshop in Moscow last spring, then postponed to nest September due to the Covid 19 emergency.

Considering the news from Russia, we think it is a smart move to avoid any risks in a travel to Moscow: even if we can get in – not 100% guaranteed – we don’t know what to expect, probably a limited experience, like driving with your hand-break on.

We both agreed that we should preserve the spirit and motivation, which made us think of this type of workshop.

Athens is the best choice: after months of forced isolation, everybody wants to stay out, live on the street, eat it, get lost in the docks or in the small alleys around the Acropolis, in the less known areas, where different types of humanities get together when the sun goes down.

Lorenzo and Carlo