Workshop in Moscow - 2020 - Lorenzo Castore - TPW

Lorenzo Castore • Lost In Moscow • May 2020

This will be a very special workshop. 

We will explore Moscow with new eyes, and at our own pace, with the help of our local friends who will help us see Moscow from the inside. We’re unlikely to spend much time in Red Square or at the Kremlin, or visiting the classic spots. The idea is  to see the city from a unique perspective. We will spend time with our new friends, listen to their suggestions, and try to stay away from the clichés as we follow their daily routine.

I have never been to Moscow – or even to Russia –  but for a long time I’ve wanted to. So I don’t know anything about the place. We’ll just have to dive in and work it out. We’ll have to make it up as we go along.

Our goal for the week will be to work as much as possible, with all our energy. We will focus on many genres of photography, from portrait to nude, from street-photography to landscape, still-life, day and night life, colour, black and white.

So this is all about doing it. There will be no brain-storming, no long critical or philosophical conversations about the meaning of photography. It’ll all be about gut-instinct and the spontaneous inspiration for the work.  We will keep the cerebral and the rational to a minimum – mainly to prepare the final slide-show of the work produced.

Please keep this in mind when – I hope – you decide to join us in this workshop. Be ready to jump into a new experience, and out of your comfort zone.

At the end of the week, I want you to feel like you have lived in Moscow, rather than  merely visited it…”

Lorenzo Castore, 2019