• Workshop in Catania with Mauro d’Agati, during Sant’Agata celebrations

Mauro d’Agati will be conducting a 6-day workshop in Catania during the celebrations of Sant’Agata, one of the most celebrated religious Feasts in the world.

This workshop will develop into two parallel paths:   to photograph the Feast from a reportage point of view, and then following out heart and inner pulse and get closer to what we need to tell a story about the people of Catania during these days.

It will be a very personal approach, where we will have the chance to build a strong set of new images.

Mauro d’Agati will be the leader of the workshop

Mauro is world know as a photographer dedicated to social dynamics soon, using  his  camera lens to investigate the relationships between people, places, and events,

 Essential, direct, and dramatic, his narrative captures dissonances and paradoxes, immersed in cultures and humanity that are at times submerged, at times stranded, and often on the verge of collapsing, expressing their authenticity each time.

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