Tuscany, Italy • July 7-13, 2019

Experience an immediate tangible difference in your playing and come away with inspiration, knowledge and skills that will enrich your playing forever.
My workshop provides 6 days of deep immersion into Gypsy swing and jazz guitar playing. Your time is devoted to intense, hands-on learning, practicing and playing individually and with a partner or small group.
I analyze each student’s needs from the outset and throughout the workshop, giving lots of personal attention to each and every student. Each student gets personalized assignments to practice as we go along – either on your own or with a friend.
You have a wonderful opportunity to meet and play with new people. We eat together, chat and get together at the end of each day to play together. It’s always lots of fun and holding the workshops in pastoral locations adds to the enjoyment and the feeling of really getting away from it all and putting your passion first.

Gypsy/jazz guitar playing  is having a big revival in these last years.
Experienced guitar players find in this a new way to express their ideas and search a new language, young musicians have re-discovered the magic of this style, and  joined together to form swing bands, amateurs are dedicating more time to learn to play in Django Reinhardt style.
It is great music, very engaging, where you have the possibility to have fun and still deepen your expertize on gipsy/jazz.
During this 6 days workshop with Yaakov Hoter, you will have the possibility to do all this, dedicate one week to your passion, meet with people like you and in a beautiful location, in the heart of Tuscany. What could be better?
The workshop is open to guitar players  who want to explore the Gipsy/Jazz world: it is necessary to be familiar with  basic open and  barré chords, how to play chords along the fret board.
We will work of classic gypsyy pieces (All of me, Nuages etc) and explore also new licks.
Pls bring your own acoustic guitar. It can be a gypsy guitar, acoustic or classic.
In case it is complicated to travel with your guitar, pls let us know. We have a couple of extra guitars, and if more are needed we can rent them.

July 7-13, 2019
Our venue will be Villa Lina, a Landmark Relais, with 3 mansions each, all immersed in 80 acres of organic estate in the heart of Etruscan Tuscia with its extraordinary Archaeological and Nature sites, Roman therms & hot sulfur springs close by .
A place of magical energy it is also one of the “Great Italian Gardens,” its eighteenth century botanical garden has many ancient rare species, in the midst of beautiful fountains. There is an Olympic pool from 1929 and a small SPA & Sauna, and  unique Plant Therapy course.
Villa Lina is also an organic farm estate producing hazelnuts, kiwis, chestnuts, oil, wine and lavender Managed by writer and film maker Paola Igliori (see Wikipedia).
It has inspired generations of artists from Jean Michel Basquiat in the 80′.. to this decade Nick Cave & Bella Freud.
Food is cooked by Lucia, the in-house cook, specialized in local dishes.
All together, the perfect venue for our retreat, and if you feel the need of some true town life, Ronciglione is only 5 minutes walk away, … shops, cafes, groceries, banks, pharmacy…Gelato!!!!
Rooms at Villa Lina are one different from the other, finishing is very original, goes from some antique pieces, to Asian furniture, to designer pieces…
Daily cleaning will be provided.
Meals include breakfast, buffet lunch and dinner  and two coffe breaks

first meeting on Sunday, July 7. at 6 p.m. During the week, we usually meet in the morning for breakfast, then have classes till lunch time (1pm)
We meet again at 3.30 pm, either outside and, if it is too hot, inside our big studio with air conditioning.
Last workshop is on Friday evening, we depart on Saturday July 13, after breakfast.
We start each session together and than we split according to your needs.
Get ready to work hard!
I’m there all the time for you!

Number of participants

The group will be intimate. Up to 12 students. However, if we’ll be more than 13, there will be another teacher with me to give extra attention to the beginners.
$200 coupon for any lesson of mine you want.


995 EUR
Does not include lodging and meals
Due to the fact that the rooms are not all the same size, there will be different costs:
–       large room with private bathroom     €  120  (single accommodation)
–       large room with  private bathroom    €    100  (each – double      accomodation)
–       two rooms shared one bathroom       €   90 (single accommodation)
–       standard room                                         €  110 (single accommodation)
Rooms will be assigned according to your preferences: the sooner you register, the easiest to choose your favorite accommodation.
The cost includes lodging and 3 meals a day, including drinks, wine and also two coffee breaks a day.


First payment of 545 EUR via PayPal.
Next payment of 450 EUR will be in cash, upon arrival.
Payment for lodging and meals directly to venue, in two payments as well, accordingly.

The closest and most practical airport is the one of Rome
We can organize a shuttle from the airport to Villa Lina, the cost is € 100, if it is 3/4 of you, it can be split.
This will be paid directly to the driver in €.
Shuttle from Roma Termini train station is 80

Departure is the following Saturday, after breakfast.
IMPORTANT         when booking your flight, make sure that you will arrive at the chosen airport not too late during the day. With the time to collect your bags, rent a car or meet our driver and get to Ronciglione, you will need at least 2 hours to arrive to Ronciglione , and we have a first meeting at 6 pm.

My good friend Carlo is taking care of the logistics of the workshop. Please contact him for booking your place at Villa Lina and ask any question you may have. He knows the area very well and can assist with your partners plans as well.
Carlo has been running photo workshop for more than 25 years, so he is the man!

Cancellation policy:
You have my  extended 60 days  money back guaranty. You can receive a full refund within the first 60 days of reserving your seat at the retreat, but not later than May 1, 2018
In the (very rare) case that we have to cancel the workshop, you are entitled the full refund of the money paid.
What students say….

Hi, As someone who has been through two of Yaakov’s workshops i can tell you that you will not regret a single moment. Yaakov is exactly what you want in a teacher/mentor: knowledgeable (Very Knowledgeable!) , patient , quick in evaluating a student and very quick to come up with a plan for improvement to tackle your weak points and help you improve and teach you how to do it yourself later on which is a exactly what you need in a workshop. Above all Yaakov is a very nice and kind person which counts for a lot in my book. So , i highly recommend it and I’m sure you will not regret a single moment coming out feeling you spent your time and money in the right place. Good Luck!

by Avner Arnstein

I’ve been learning from Yaakov Hoter online, one-on-one and in group workshops, including the two-day Samois 2016 experience and I am constantly amazed at his innate ability to feel what aspiring musicians need to transform themselves into real creative musicians with a rock solid foundation of understanding and skills. He teaches living, breathing people, not dry material. His unparalleled teaching sense is even more pronounced in live encounters with students where he has the uncanny ability to divine what each particularly needs at the moment and to provide tools to get over any obstacles and reach the goals at hand. Breathtaking!
by Donna Radin


Yaakov Hoter

At the age of 13, when Yaakov started to play the guitar, his older brother, Azriel, gave him a Django Reinhardt cassette.
Django’s music ignited a spark in Yaakov and he began to dream of going to Europe to learn from the Gypsies.
Yaakov graduated from the Rimon Music High School and attained his bachelor’s degree in music from the Jerusalem Music Academy.
He has performed in many bands, written songs and music for theater. It was only in 2006, following a chance meeting with Jon Larsen and Walter Clerici in Denmark, that he decided to dedicate himself completely to Gypsy swing.
He travelled to Belgium to study with the accomplished Gypsy guitarist Fapy Lafertin and had the great good fortune to also meet and jam with Gypsy guitar greats Birelli Lagrene, Moreno, Stochelo and Noumi Rosenberg in France – learning a great deal in the process.
His band, Swing De Gitanes (www.swingdegitanes.com) has been in the forefront of the Gypsy Swing genre in Israel and has gleaned ample praise.
The trio has three albums under its belt, as well as hundreds of performances, participation in major international music festivals, collaborations with leading local artists, including Miki Gavrielov and Dori Ben Zeev, and collaboration with leading international Gypsy Swing and Jazz luminaries, including: Robin Nolan (G.B), Lulo Reinhardt, Daniel Weltlinger (Germany), Hot Club de Norvege (Norway), Evan Christopher (U.S.A), Dario Napoli (Italy), Maurizio di fulvio (Italy) and more.
Today Yaakov is developing a new generation of Gypsy swing guitarists in Israel. He has translated his experience into a straightforward comprehensive method. Yaakov has initiated the production of Gypsy Swing guitars in Israel, in cooperation with ERG. He is working on original compositions and lyrics and more…


WHERE  Villa Lina, Ronciglione Italy