Bologna, Italy • October 15-20, 2018

The workshop will focus on the editing, sequencing, and pairing of photographs alongside how to create a well-designed, successful photobook. Students will gain insight into the many considerations and issues surrounding the early stages, as well as the difficulties that can be encountered during the progression of book design. Through individual and group discussions, participants will learn about the detailed process of creating their photobooks.

The workshop will begin with Stuart presenting a lecture to introduce SMITH and GOST Books, and discuss his work with photographers such as Elliott Erwitt, Jonas Bendiksen, Paul Graham, Tim Hetherington, Martin Parr, James Nachtwey, Mark Power, Larry Towell, and publishers including Aperture, Phaidon Press, Thames and Hudson, and Steidl. Each participant’s work will then be reviewed and sequences will start to be formed. Discussions surrounding obstacles and points to consider for each individual, as well as generally, will be on-going throughout to enable each participant to begin producing their photobook.

Each participant must bring an edit and a sequence – or some thought as to how the sequence can come together – (pairings, double-page spreads and single page images) of their project for the book that they would like to produce. Participants also need to bring all the prints of that edit as well – we would assume this would be no more than 100 images, depending on the type of project. What is very important is that you bring along a selection of your B and C edits, and this can also be up to 100 prints because what you think would not go in, often makes up 20% or more of the content.


Stuart Smith has been designing since 1987, specialising in typography whilst gaining an excellent reputation for his distinctive book designs. Stuart started at the Architectural Association and then moved to Phaidon Press, before going on to establish SMITH in 1994, which offers services ranging from art direction and art/photography commissions to photographic editing and advertising, book, and exhibition design, among many other services. He is the co-founder of GOST Books, a photography and visual arts publisher based in London.


WHERE  Bologna