Spring Workshop 2019 • Lisbon, Portugal • June 9 – 15, 2019

Saint Anthony celebrations in Lisbon

“Pereira maintains he met him one summer’s day. A fine fresh sunny summer’s day and Lisbon was sparkling”                                     from Pereira Mantains, Antonio Tabucchi

TPW goes back to Lisbon! Join us during the Santo Antonio celebrations, when the city explodes with colour to celebrate its patron saint. In the grand squares and narrow streets, music and dance combine extravagance and spectacle to create a unique atmosphere – and an unparalleled opportunity for photography.

The Santo Antonio Festival is characterised by the tradition of the ‘Noivas de Santo Antonio’, (the Brides of Saint Anthony), when hundreds of Lisbon couples make the most of the occasion to celebrate their nuptials with one of the biggest parties imaginable.
The build-up to the Santo Antonio Festival takes place over the course of several days before the city reaches a crescendo of excitement on the night of 12th June. Revellers party until the sun rises before heading home to sleep off the excesses of the night before. 13th June is a public holiday in Lisbon and is the official day of Santo Antonio.

(thanks to EZPortugal)

Lisbon is a multi-faceted city.

You can enjoy the historical part of town, go for long walks and stop at the miradoures for breathtaking views of the city and the ancient river as it flows to the ocean. You might take a ride on the iconic yellow trams, and stop for lunch in one of the scores of restaurants that serve fish fresh from the sea. Until recently, this was the accustomed way to enjoy Lisbon.

But there has been a quiet revolution over the last few years, and now once-derelict areas have a been re-born. The pace of life is still very relaxed, but there is a new exciting vibe in Lisbon – you can feel it beneath the laidback rhythms of the city.

You will still find the old-fashioned restaurants with waiters in white shirt and black tie, and close by the new music bars – unlike any in Europe – buzzing with inimitable Portuguese elegance and style. Fado mixes with jazz and hip music from Angola and Cabo Verde, weaving a dance that swings back and forth between the past and the present, stepping out into the future.

To photograph all this – the venues, day and night life in the city, the colours and shapes of the new  rhythm –  Pauliana Valente Pimentel is the perfect teacher.

Born in Lisbon, and still using it as home when not travelling to photograph around the world, Pauliana will introduce you to her friends, show you corners of Lisbon you would not find on your own, where the public space is intensely lived. She will be your guide to the unseen Lisbon, and she will help you plan your urban photography project. Pauliana’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious. She knows everyone and goes everywhere. She will make this workshop not only memorable but hugely enjoyable.

This workshop is perfect for those who want to improve their experience in street-photography, pushing their ability and technique to the limit, whilst immersing themselves in the life and culture of one of Europe’s most vibrant capitals. Over the week, there will be daily meetings and critiques.


Pauliana Valente Pimentel was born in Lisbon in 1975. As an artist and a freelance photographer she has been producing photo reportages since 1999 for various Portuguese and foreign magazines and newspapers.

In 2005 she took part in the photography course of the Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Program. She was member of the [Kameraphoto] collective from 2006 until its extinction in 2014, and a founding member of the “N’WE” collective in 2016. Besides her participation in collectively authored books, she produced her own first book ‘VOL I’ in 2009, published by Pierre Von Kleist and ‘ Caucase, Souvenirs de Voyage’ in 2011 by Gulbenkian Foundation. Filmography: “Diz-se que Portugal é um bom país para se viver”, 40 min, Portugal 2011; “Jovens de Atenas / Youth of Athens”, 13 min. Athens, Greece, 2012; “Entre Nous”, 51 min. Portugal, France, 2014.

In 2015 she won the prize for the best photographic work of the year by the Portuguese Author Society and in 2016 she was nominee for the Novo Banco prize, the most important prize in Portugal for contemporary photography.

She has had several exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Greece, and outside Europe – EUA, Turkey, China and Africa (Morocco, and Cape Vert). She was represented for five years by Galeria 3+1 Arte Contemporanea in Chiado and nowadays she is represented by Galeria das Salgadeiras, in Lisbon. Part of her work belongs to private and institutional collections.

Date:  June 10-16, 2018
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Workshop fee: € 995
We are booking rooms at a local hotel that will also be the base for our workshop (or very close to it).
Costs will vary according to the size of the room and number of persons in the room. We will let you know in advance the cost: you are also free to search your own accommodation if you prefer. Once you confirm the participation, we will confirm your room and you will pay the hotel directly.

Meals will be independent and paid separately. Usually we all dine together in the evening.

No car needed.