Summer Workshop 2019 • July 28 – August 3

In Summer 2018 we launched a new workshop, with Ira Rokka.

It was not the traditional body/portrait/nude workshop: this one was more concentrated on how to work with models, how to interact with them, and create together the right atmosphere for a perfect photo shoot – be it for portraiture, personal research, fashion or advertising.

From breathing techniques to voice intonation, working at a high level of concentration, the workshop had a very strong physical impact, on students and models.

Everybody came back with a new approach to photographing people, and also with a the capability to work with others as a creative team.

It has been such a out-of-the-ordinary (box?) workshop, that not only we want to offer it again, but with an addition: following Ira Rokka advice, we invited also Nicolas Guérin as a workshop teacher. Ira and Nicolas have taught workshops together before, and students will benefit from two different teachers, coming from different cultural backgrounds (Ira is from Moscow, Nicolas from Paris), styles and visions.

Participants will choose one of the two workshops, but during the week there will be a creative exchange between the two classes, Ira and Nicolas will be lecturing together, some of the critiques will be in common, models will be shared between classes.

For students interesting in portraiture, body, personal research and art-photography, it will be a unique moment of confrontation and growth.


Nicolas Guérin teaching concentrates on two aspects: the philosophy of photography by itself which helps students to understand the direction they want to take, and the

psychological aspects of working with model: talking, creating the right mood, making a personal contact with a model to reveal her/his charisma.

There will also be sessions dedicated to the more technical aspects – light, composition – needed to achieve very strong portrait/body pictures


Our venue will be Villa Lina, a Landmark Relais, with 3 mansions each, all immersed in 80 acres of organic estate in the heart of Etruscan Tuscia with its extraordinary Archaeological and Nature sites, Roman therms & hot sulfur springs close by .

A place of magical energy it is also one of the “Great Italian Gardens,” its eighteenth century botanical garden has many ancient rare species, in the midst of beautiful fountains.

There is an Olympic pool from 1929 .

Managed by writer and film maker Paola Igliori (see Wikipedia), it has inspired generations of artists from Jean Michel Basquiat in the 80′.. to this decade Nick Cave & Bella Freud.

Food is cooked by  the in-house cook, specialized in local dishes.

All together, the perfect venue for our retreat, and if you feel the need of some true town life, Ronciglione is only 5 minutes walk away, … shops, cafes, groceries, banks, pharmacy…Gelato!!!!
Rooms at Villa Lina are one different from the other, finishing is very original, goes from some antique pieces, to Asian furniture, to designer pieces…
Daily cleaning will be provided.
Meals include breakfast, buffet lunch and dinner (including wine)  and tea, coffe, mineral water available all day.


Due to the fact that the rooms are not all the same size, there will be different costs, including 3 meals  and coffe breaks
–       large room with private bathroom            €  120  (single accommodation)
–       two rooms have a shared  bathroom       €   90 (single accommodation)
–      smaller room                                                 €  110 (single accommodation)

Rooms will be assigned according to your preferences: the sooner you register, the easiest to choose your favorite accommodation.


© Nicolas Guerrin-TPW-2019

Nicolas Guérin is a guy who loves cinema and enjoys taking pictures.
His favourite subjects are the old geniuses from the film industry with nice white beards, usually met in Cannes or Berlin.
Sometimes he prefers to travel the world and shoot nude girls in Polaroids, because it is fun.
His favourite color is the grey and he is happy with this…

Nicolas shares his time between portraiture, fashion and commercials, including cover stories for ESQUIRE, GQ, TIME, SIGHT & SOUND, IO DONNA, LE MONDE, POSITIF, 3COULEURS, TRANSFUGE, GLINT, FIASCO, and recent commercials for clients as ROLEX, LONGINES, SCHWEPPES, PEUGEOT, TECHNOMARINE, MIKLI STARCK EYES, BEAUME&MERCIER, JEAGER LECOUTRE, ESSILOR, LOZZA, PARROT, GRAND OPTICAL, PLAYBOY …

His work is worldwide distributed by Contour ( GETTY )


WORKSHOP DATES July 28 – August 3  , 2019
WHERE Villa Lina, Viterbo, Italy
WORKSHOP FEE  € 1.464 
MODEL FEE  € 400