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Summer Workshop 2016 • July 31 – August 6
 During this week Michael Ackerman will share with you his instinctive and visionary approach to photography. His method doesn’t follow tradition, it is not a simple chronicle of events. The pace of his photography is closer to cinematography than traditional documentary photography: images used in sequences, different formats, pictures that appear «wrong», images used as links between other images; all used to compose an essay that does not value where or when the pictures were made but rather attempts to capture a deeper emotional and spiritual truth of the subject.
The goal of this workshop is to challenge, inspire and help each other get deeper into the territory that we are exploring as photographers. The subjects to photograph during the week will be chosen by you and by Michael depending on each individual’s vision, curiosity and sensibility. The point is to photograph what you love, what obsesses you, what you fear. We will focus on meaning and expression, rather than form and technique. We should feel free to search, experiment, break borders, make mistakes, take emotional risks, all in the goal of getting closer to ourselves.
In Michael Ackerman’s work, documentary and autobiography conspire with fiction, and all of the above dissolve into hallucination. Common themes have always run through his photography and they’re equally grand and down to earth. Time and timelessness, personal history and the history of places. Decayed and damaged images, not as a matter of style but a direct analogue of experience, which is never pristine.  The particular journeys of his book Half Life encompass New York, Havana, Berlin, Naples, Paris, Warsaw, and Krakow, but the locations aren’t necessarily recognizable at all. Michael has been moving towards this erasure of geographical and other distinctions in his photographs for some time. There is surely a trajectory away from the constraints of a traditional documentary mode towards a very different way of getting at the world. 
The above is from a text by filmmaker Jem Cohen
 Michael Ackerman lives in Berlin and became known to the photographic world with  the book “End Time City” and more recently “Half Life”. He exhibited his work in New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin among other places. In 1997 he won the prestigious Infinity Award of the ICP and in 1999 the Nadar prize for End Time City. He has been teaching workshops internationally since 2000.
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1967.
Family moves to New York 1974.
Half Life, Delpire, Dewi Lewis, Lunwerg, Peliti, 2010.
Fiction, Delpire, Gena Kehayoff 2001.
End Time City, Nathan/Delpire, Scalo 1999.
Selected Publications
2wice, Abitare, Aperture, Art On Paper, Beaux Arts, Die Zeit, Doubletake, Eyemazing, French Photo, Granta, Harpers, India Magazine, La Humanite, Internazionale, Les Inrockuptibles, Liberation, Le Matin, Le Monde 2, Metropolis, New York Magazine, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The New Yorker, Ray Gun, La Repubblica delle Donne, Rolling Stone, Stern and The Village Voice.
SCAM Roger Pic Award, 2009.
Prix Nadar, End Time City, 1999.
Best Documentary of 1999, photo-eye, 1999.
Infinity Award, Young Photographer, International Center of Photography, 1998.
Selected solo exhibitions
Kunstwerk, Vienna, Austria
L’oeil Urbain, Corbeil France
Lianzhou Photo Festival, China
MC2 Gallery, Milan, Italy
Argus Foto Kunst, Berlin, Germany
Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain, Sète. France.
Stimultania, Strasbourg, France.
Fotofestival, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg, Germany.
Camelot Gallery, Krakow, Poland.
Van Der Grinten Galerie, Cologne, Germany.
FAS Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
Rencontres D’Arles, Arles, France.
Hermès Gallery, New York, USA.
Alchemia Gallery, Krakow, Poland.
Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
Kerrigan Cambell Art + Projects, New York, USA.
Alchemia, Krakow, Poland.
Pantherei Gallery, Munich, Germany.
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia.
The Naarden Photography Biennal, Naarden, Netherlands.
Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
Scalo Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
Argos Photography Festival, Vevey, Switzerland.
Foksal, Nyon, Switzerland.
Atelier De Visu Marseille, France.
Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
Margaret Bodell, New York, USA.
Chronique Nomades Honfleur, France.
Centre Atlantique de la Photographie, Brest, France.
Grazie Neri Gallery, Milan, Italy.
Zentrum Für Fotografie Berlin, Germany
Photography Festival ,Vigo, Spain
La Bibliothèque Centrale Elsa Triolet, Bobigny, France.
Margaret Bodell, New York, USA.
Margaret Bodell Gallery, New York, USA.
Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy.
Albany Center Galleries, Albany, USA.
 Selected group exhibitions
Sing Another Song Boys with Lorenzo Castore, Rome Italy
Darkside II. Photographic Power and Violence, Disease and Death Photographed, Fotomuseum, Winterthur, Germany.
Djân, Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
« Tout l’univers… », Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
Uniques, Galerie VU’, Paris, France.
Positions, Attitudes, Actions, Social and Political Commitment in Photography, Foto Biënnale, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Elogio de la Pasion, PhotoEspana, circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.
Wonderland, Nooderlicht Photofestival, Groningen