Summer Workshop 2018 • July 29 – August 4

Everybody can take a picture. Most people can even take a good picture but when it comes to communicating a message or to tell a story in images, a good picture is just not enough.

The aim of this workshop is to put the head on the nail on what makes the difference and to help each student understand how to pursue their very own individual vision in order to stand out.

I’ve been working across the Middle East for several years now, covering conflicts and turmoil in Israel, Palestinian territories and Turkey, revolutionary aftermaths in Yemen and Egypt, wars in Gaza and Iraq, social-political frustration in Iran and consequences of war in Afghanistan. These countries all have a red thread in common: there is an abundance of important stories to report on. It is also a place dense with photographers and journalists, often reporting on the same or similar issues so the concurrence on the field is huge. In these situations it is worth gold having a very clear, personal vision when photographing, no matter if it is a story, a portrait or one single image.

Looking at photojournalism and documentary photography today, there definitely is an ocean of possibilities. The importance of finding your own voice is crucial in a business with so many talented photographers and the quicker you find your voice, the better it is for you. During the week we will discuss different approaches to add your own vision to a journalistic or documentary body of work. We will be looking both at the pure photojournalistic approach as well as the more personal documentary approach and new ways of storytelling. I combine my time between working as a photojournalist on assignment and with working on my own personal documentary projects and we will discuss ways to do this too.

Classroom lessons and discussions will mix with hours of shooting, editing and critique of the work produced. During the week, each student will focus on one local story of choice, shooting a few hours daily. The idea is that, focusing on small stories in a quite uneventful location, the student will find it a challenge and will have to come up with interesting ways of adding their personal voice to the story.


Loulou d’Aki is a documentary photographer, born and raised on the Swedish seaside. She is a member of Agence VU’. After five years based in the Middle East, d’Aki is currently based in Athens, Greece from where she travels worldwide for personal projects and assignments.

As a photographer she is interested in how human beings are affected by the society in which they live, the influence of borders and the idea of freedom.

Alongside commissioned work d’Aki focuses on various long term projects, such as Make a Wish – a photo essay looking at how the hopes and dreams of youth in conflict zones are conditioned by society. The project recently won Cortona on the Move dummy award and will be published as a book in 2018.

Lou is a Swedish Arts council grantee for a project called Mother of choice, which she is currently working on – a documentary work about self chosen single motherhood in Sweden.

D’Aki was a singer before she became a photographer. She speaks Swedish, English, Italian, French and gets by in German, Hebrew, Danish and Norwegian.


Le Monde, New York Times, TIME, NY Magazine, National Geographic, Bloomberg, Internazionale, Capricious Magazine, die Zeit, Stern, Le Monde Magazine, Le Journal du dimanche, Marie Claire, Dagens Nyheter, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, Omvärlden, Aftonposten, UNICEF, Save the children.


One year working grant, Swedish Arts Council, 2017

Cortona on the Move dummy award, 2017 – winner with the book project Make a Wish

Project Grant, Swedish Arts Council, 2017 – winner with the project Mother of choice

Grand Prix Photofestiwal, 2017 – finalist

Vienna photobook festival, 2017 -shortlisted

IPP Award – winner

Burn Magazine, EPF 2016 – finalist

Il reportage 2016 – finalist

Moscow photo awards – honorable mention

Mediterraneo tra terra e mare – winner

The Other Hundred – finalist



Cortona on the Move, Make a Wish, Italy 2018

Saristra festival, Make a Wish, Kefalonia, Greece 2017

Lodz Photofestiwal, Make a wish, Lodz, Poland, 2017

Lofoten photofestival, Make a wish, Lofoten, Norway, 2017

Photobook Market, Make a Wish dummy, Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal, 2017

Medphoto, Make a wish, Crete, Greece, 2016

Fotoleggendo, War babies, Rome, Italy, 2015

Mediterraneo tra terra e mare, Make a Wish, Venice, Italy, 2015

Singapore Photofestival, An Ocean of possibilities with the series MAKE A WISH, 2014

Noorderlicht, An Ocean of possibilities with the series MAKE A WISH, Leeuwarden, Holland, 2014

Exhibition at Les Rencontres Prix Bayeux – Calvados des Correspondants de Guerre, France, 2014

The Other Hundred Launch exhibition, Hong Kong, 2014

Protest, Capricious Magazine exhibition, Brooklyn, New York, 2012

Portraet nu! Nationalhistoriske museum in Denmark, Ljungbergsmuseet in Sweden, Akureyri

Kunstmuseum in Iceland, Kunsti in Finland, Norsk Folkemuseum in Norway, 2009-2010

Contemplation, Nadania Idriss Gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2008