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Catania, Italy • February  2-7 , 2018
Sant’Agata is the Saint patron of Catania and every year from the 3rd till the 5th of February, the date of the martyrdom, during the days of annual celebration the city goes completely wild.
The Saint (the statue containing the relic of the saint) gets out of the Dome carried by the devotees and starts to go around the city following each year the same paths. The Saint then goes definitively back in the Dome on the 6th in the morning where will stay inaccessible to the public till next year (with the exception of the 17th of August, date of the return of the stolen spoil from Constantinople).
I’ve never photographed religious or popular celebrations before, but through the years the interest to be in Catania for Sant’Agata celebration grew and I finally went.   Catania is not a little town nor a benighted city closed in its own superstition but one of the most developed cities in the Italian South and regardless all that the celebration is characterize by a timeless and mystical fury.
I’s amazing the wideness of the citizenship’s share: old and young people of every social class, political and religious believes, sexual taste and tendencies they all mob the Saint night and day to be somehow touched by grace.
Photographing here for me it is not about the celebrations on its literal moments but of the aguish search for salvation in the eyes of the devotees craving for a sign, an image, a direction. The need of looking for something to believe and of committing yourself somehow in a world confused and scary, where the unknown, the metaphysical, the irrational becomes the only possible answer.
This workshop it is about following a fury in the streets and in ourselves, a pagan and religious force that transform the city, its inhabitants and who is there, the rite will be followed according to individual pushes and necessarily following the mass.
Lorenzo Castore
If you know TPW, you know that Sicily has always been at the centre of our attentions. After many years of workshops on Eastern Processions and more recently, A Taste of Sicily, we will be in Catania to follow one of the most celebrated religious Feasts in the world, The Festa of Sant’Agata.           
For details look at http://www.mediaonline.it/catania/agata_en.htm
This workshop will develop into two parallel paths:   to photograph the Feast from a reportage point of view, and then following out heart and inner pulse and get closer to what we need to tell a story about the people of Catania during these days.
It will be a very personal approach, where we will have the chance to build a strong set of photographs under the guide of Lorenzo Castore.
The workshop will follow the same days of the processions, keeping the last day for postproduction and critique of the work done.
We will find hotels/apartments in the centre of town, from where it will be easier to have access to different areas.
This workshop is suggested to everyone who wants to live a very strong collective experience, document a unique event and at the same time create a very personal portfolio.     We expect participants to be familiar with their camera (digital), to bring a laptop for downloading images every day, and also be familiar with one of the common editing software – Lightroom, Aperture, Camera Raw etc…    Our assistant will be there to help you with the logistics of going around Catania, but we expect you to know your camera and post-production tool well.
Lorenzo Castore was born in Florence on June 22, 1973.
He’s a photographer and filmmaker. Since today he has worked in Europe (1997-2013), New York (1997-2001), Cuba (2000-2002) and India (1997-2001).
His main interest is life and memory and their more mysterious aspects in relation with individual personal stories, History and the present time.
He won the Mario Giacomelli Prize (2003) and the Leica European Publishers’ Award (2005). He published two books: Nero (2004) and Paradiso (2006).
He’s represented by Agence/Galerie VU’.
His work was shown in many personal and collective exhibitions.
No peace without war  was his first film, directed with Adam Cohen: it was first presented in the medium length competition at the Visions du Reel Film Festival in Nyon, Switzerland and then won the Grand Prix as best short documentary at Camerimage Film Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Through the years his work was published by Rolling Stone, D, Io Donna, Ventiquattro, Amica, Le Monde 2, Liberation, Internazionale, Sportweek, Sette, L’Espresso, Vice, Sunday Telegraph, Die Zeit, Die Welt, Vice, Snob Magazine among the others.
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