Summer Workshop at Villa Lina – August 1-7, 2021

The human body, intimacy, personal fascinations, photographing on location and storytelling.

For whom is this workshop:

This workshop is for those who are interested in exploring working with the (nude) human body. Lana Prins’ work is focussed on the female body, but we want to emphasize that the skills you will learn in this workshop are applicable to photographing any body. Even though basic technical photography skills would be helpful, during this workshop we will not look at photography from a technical perspective, but rather from a perspective of emotion and visual storytelling.

Workshop description:

What will you learn?

During the workshop the participants will work towards creating a series in which the nude human body plays the main role. Besides new visions around nude photography and new photos to add to their portfolio, students will go home with a new set of skills, such as creating the right atmosphere while photographing to create intimate photos and how to apply storytelling while creating a series.

Introduction: Sharing work and ideas

We will start off the week with getting to know each other and sharing work and ideas. Lana will give a presentation of her work, and we will be looking at different examples and nuances of nude photography. Participants are asked beforehand to think about which personal fascination they want to explore and focus on during the workshop. Together with the group we will discuss each participants’ work and fascinations, and how to use your camera as a tool to come closer to the things and people you are fascinated by.

Preparing for photoshoots

After discussing our work and ideas around the human body and intimacy in photography, it’s time to start talking about photoshoots! Before we actually start shooting with models we will discuss certain skills that can be useful during a photoshoot. Lana will teach the participants how to create the right atmosphere between the photographer and the model in order to create intimate photographs. This is especially relevant when working with nude models. Lana will also discuss what she focusses on most during photoshoots, as well as her approach to improvisation and spontaneous decision making. “While photographing I like to constantly watch closely to what is happening around me, but also to what my instincts are telling me. For me, the key to creating a unique photo is being present in the moment.”

Photoshoots: Interacting with models and art direction

During the week there will be multiple moments for participants to photograph models. All shoots will be on location, using natural light. The photoshoots will mainly be focussed on capturing the human body – nude or semi-nude – and applying the interaction and improvisation skills we have discussed before. Assignments will be given during each photoshoot, through which the participants are challenged to improvise and to think about the art direction of their photos. Lana will be there to guide the participants.

After the photoshoots: Feedback and discussion

After each photoshoot the participants will create a selection of their favorite photos, which will be discussed in the group or one on one with Lana. Group feedback is helpful and commenting on each other’s work is encouraged, since it helps the participants’ ability to put their ideas into words. There is also space and time to receive personal feedback from Lana regarding your portfolio, career plans and workshop photos.

Wrapping up: Making a selection and storytelling

In her own work Lana creates dreamlike, alternate realities, in which the dividing line between her daily life and her imagination fades. During the workshop we will also focus on visual storytelling and what to keep in mind while selecting a combination of photos for a series. At the end of the week each participant will have their own series to present!

VENUE – Villa Lina, Ronciglione, Italy

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Lana Prins’s work is a translation of her personal fascinations and thoughts, and shows reflections of her daily life. Through her work Prins doesn’t only visualize her own emotions but she also aims to make certain topics more discussable. Main topics in her work include the female body, intimacy and sensuality.

Growing up in a small town near the sea, Lana Prins has spent her childhood daydreaming, romanticizing the world around her. From a young age she started creating dreamlike, alternate realities, with women being the protagonists. Lana Prins uses her camera to get closer to others – both literally and figuratively. Her photography is known for her close-ups, and is close to the skin and shows an intimate view into her life and that of the people around her. With her camera as a tool she aims to learn about and deal with the situations that occur in her daily life.

Within her work you can find both cinematically staged photos and meticulously framed snapshots of everyday life. As a result of the cinematic, storytelling approach, the viewer is taken into a story that can still take many different directions. Through her photos Prins shows us stories in which the dividing line between her daily life and her imagination fades. By not giving everything away immediately, she challenges viewers to let their imagination run wild and shape the course of the story themselves.


WORKSHOP DATES  Summer Workshops – August 1-7, 2021
WHERE Villa Lina, Italy
MODEL FEE  € 400