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Summer Workshop 2018 • July 29 – August 4
“From my point of view, the individual style of the photographer can be determined by his approach to subject, visual language and working with a model. 
This workshop shows all spectre of possibilities of directing model on the shooting stage: from good quality natural posing to complicated project format , including creation of specific characters for your story and working with strict references. 
You will learn how to turn your shooting to alive creative performance process , how to achieve real emotions from a model  and also how to create a character , working precisely on all necessary  psychological  and body language aspects.”
Models are  an essential part of every photographers  work.
Through the interaction with them, photographers can express their vision of the human body.
This workshop will deal about how to learn to work with them in a creative way, and cooperate with them in order to get unique final results.
During the week, through morning critiques, demos, groups and individual shooting, you will have the chance to learn the best way to create unique portraits and body photographs.
We will investigate deeply many different subjects, including:
Emotional and bodily EMANCIPATION
-  Basic principles of posing
-  Actor relaxation & breathing techniques
-  Working with hands- classical techniques
-  The most popular modelling poses and their transformation
-  Models with no experience- how to teach model posing during the shooting
-  Basic director skills -  working with the voice ,  synchronizing  with a model and other
-  Classical and modern approach
-  «What’s wrong with my face?” – 3 types of psychological blocks of a model and how it reveals on the shooting stage
-  Brief relaxation techniques – «if you got only 5 minutes…»
-    How to read body language
-    Manipulation of body language
-    Distinctive qualities of a pose
-    Gender peculiarities of posing styles
-    Female/Male/Androginous
-    natural vs unnatural plastique
-    STATIC shooting and Semi –DYNAMIC shooting
-    Setting a character and working with references  – shooting preparation.
-    Setting an acting goal for the model. Model briefing
-    Expression and real emotions – actor and director tricks
-    Meditative way of shooting-”deep dive” technique
-    Author tricks
-    Nuances of the nude genre
Method of working:
Almost all models who participate in projects have no model experience. Shooting goes performance way .
Story and characters are set in advance , but the form of realization should be found right at the shooting stage. 


 Ira Rokka – a fine art photographer,  video director, teacher  – was born in Moscow, graduated from the Music and Theatre College of Galina Vishnevskaya  and the Moscow Government Institute of Culture and Art. 
   Ira’s education and professional experience became the foundation for an original system called “Director’s methods of working with a model» , based on basic director and actor skills.
Ira currently lives and works in Moscow, and Paris.
Works have been published and exhibited in Japan, USA, Italy , Switzerland, Germany, France , Russia.
Collaboration : Vogue Brasil, GQ Spain, Tod’s,  Vogue Arabia, FRANCE 2 tv chanel , ,Kwaidan records ( Paris ) and other . 
2017- Tokyo International Photography Award ( Tokyo, Japan) – 3 place ( people category), Сolor Awards ( Los- Angeles, USA ) honorable mention
2016 – International Photography Awards ( Los-Angeles, USA) – Honorable mention 3 categories
2015 – Monochrome photography awards –honorable mention (professional, nude category)
2014- International Photography Awards ( Los-Angeles, USA) – 1 st place (professional , special category)
2013- International Photography Awards ( Los-Angeles, USA) – 1 st place (professional , special category)