Paris : La Goutte d’Or – My Neighborhood

Paris. Obviously, the first images that come to your mind are the iconic ones: the river Seine, the Grands Boulevards, the elegance in the streets and in the cafés, the night life…then new images, connect to more recent times, overlap: the notorious banlieues, the youth culture, racial issues.

Without venturing to far from the glittering centre, in the heart of the XVIII arrondissemnent, you’ll find a zone of Paris that has always been different, in which five continents meet and communicate – La Goutte d’Or.

 The Goutte d’Or is one of the last popular areas of Paris, cosmopolitan and multicultural, of which often the media transmit a flat image of insecurity and petty crime: a corner cut out from the rest of that Capital.

In my work, I wanted to tell about a space of intense energy and deep humanity, where multiple identities meet and intertwine, between public and private.

You learn to know the white tiep (rice and fish) and the harira (soupe), you recognize some word in Wolof and to say Shukran (thank you).

The photographer follows the instinct and waits. Empathy generates an exchange, and a photograph can describe the untouchable, a fragment of ordinary beauty that you find at Goutte d’Or. Curiosity and trust in the others are part of human nature, and let the magic happen.

“ During this workshop I’d like to take you in a daily discover of this unusual corner of Paris, between popular substratum and new approaches of gentrification, rap music, start-ups, hand-made productions: I want to show you old itineraries and discover new ones, approaching people with an open mind and trust.

More than all, we will see together how to plan a photographic project, raise funds to produce  it, how to edit for a  show, a book or future projects.”



Elena Perlino is an Italian Photographer based in Paris.

Her photographic projects concentrate mainly on identity, territory and trafficking. Her work has been sponsored, throughout the years, from Magnum Emergency Fund, Open Society Foundations, Centre national des arts Plastiques (Cnap) e da PhotoGaspésie.

SCHILT PUBLISHING /André Frère Editions published her first book Pipeline, on human trafficking, in 2014.

 La Goutte d’Or was published in 2018 by LOCO Editions / Postcard Edizioni.



Tuition fee €. 1.100
Dates Septemper 4 -10, 2021