Spring  in Sicily – May/June 2022

When choosing a new workshop to include in our list, we carefully listen to your suggestions.

We have been asked many times for a workshop on art-photography, not only from a technical point of view but also the aesthetic and the “commercial” side of it. How the art-photography world is organized, the different directions that art photographers take, from exhibitions in galleries and museums to the collectors’ world.

It is not an easy approach, as each artist follows a different path and uses the camera in a different way, also depending on how he/she wants to promote his work: still there are some common elements – almost rules – that you should know and follow.

Photography is most of the time considered a way to reproduce real life, to document the world around us. Hence the tendency to consider photography as a duplicate of reality.

Many artists use photography more freely, as the main medium to work on their art.

We have two different worlds: what do we call Art- Photography and what Storytelling? Where is the difference? Where ends one and begins the other? Can they coexist in the same photograph?

We have planned a workshop with Davide Bramante – artist who has been using photography from the very beginning of his career – in order to explore this world.

Davide is from Siracusa and has worked and exhibited all over the world, from New York to China.

He will be our guide in this workshop, in which the main goal is to use our cameras to create art-work in this corner of Sicily.

Each participant will contribute with his/her own projects, expressing their artistic vision through the camera.

During the week, we will examine the work of masters of art-photography, we will try to define the role of the artist on today’s art market, analyse the art system and collections, the way the photographic art market has changed in the last twenty years. We will also find out which are the institutions (galleries, museums, art-magazines) and festival to follow and why (Paris photo, Photo London, Photo Fever Paris/Bruxelles, MIA Milano/Bologna/Singapore) and which website is best to check constantly, how to understand and rate work of art prices

In Davide’s own words:

I would like to explore with you the province of Siracusa (Avola, Noto) and also get permission to get access to the Petrochemical Pole of Siracusa, one of the most important in the world…a great place to create new stories…

We will work at 360°. The goal is to show the beauty of this land through your art and vision. Very often I discover new things about me and my work by listening to participants in my workshop and their work. 

There will be group discussion, to better define the progress of the week work.

Daily meetings and critiques, discussion on how to find your way into the art-world. We will talk about presenting work, approach galleries, submit for grants.

Most part of the time will be dedicated to shooting.

Davide knows recently opened a art/photography gallery in Palazzolo Acreide, San Sebastiano Contemporary, which is quickly becoming a reference point for many artists not only from Sicily but from all over.



VENUE – Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy

LODGING & MEALS  : will be updated soon



WHERE Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, Italy