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Lake Pielinen,  Finland     19-26  June 2017   
Siracusa, Italy                     3-9 September 2017
From the pristine lake districts of northern Karelia in Finland and its mountain vistas and charming villages to the historic grandeur of the Mediterranean Sea and its hold on an ageless way of life in Sicily, subject matter can hardly be more alive, dramatic, and compelling as these two unique locations in the world. Light on Water is a brand new concept for a summer workshop: choose June’s endless midsummer nights in Finland or September’s glowing light in Siracusa. Or enroll in both!
Adventure and pathway building go hand-in-hand, as every former Spirit Level student knows. Light on Water offers two back-to-back workshops on either side of the summer to take your vision to the   next level.  If you can make both sessions, all the better, but either way you will learn how to create your pathway using the Power of Three, “make it different–keep it the same.” Lakefront or seashore, a treasure trove of keepers awaits and a wealth of lifelong friends – your instructor included – to keep you confidently on track for years, and who knows, decades to come.
Two very special workshops await you, each having in common a chance for deep immersion into your inner vision through photography.
From the vast spaces of Finland to the baroque city of Siracusa on the sea in front of Africa, you will be able to work on your personal vision and bring yours projects into focus under the precious guide of Arno Rafael Minkkinen
If you have already taken one of his workshops or had the chance to study with him, you know his approach to photography, art and life. And for those who just know his work but have never had the chance to share time with him, this will be a life-changing experience!
Light on Water takes us from the light of northern Europe during the summer solstice to the warmer light at the end of summer in magical Siracusa. While four thousand kilometres apart, both venues are united by the Sprit Level philosophy that works on an inspiring harmony of respect for each other’s goals and passions, being as engaged with one’s own work as with the work of everyone else in the workshop.
The Koli Lake District of Eastern Karelia in Finland is among the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes of mountains and water in the world. Our accommodation will be in cottages and a manor house along the shores of Lake Pielinen. Local healthy food, saunas, rowboat day trips, ferry crossings, and walks in the forest or along safely marked mountain ridges with views towards the Russian border…. this is Koli in the peak of mid-summer. For the nights owls it’s sunsets approaching midnight, for the early birds sunrise dip in the lake at three in the morning!  
The weather is still great in September with warmer light at the end of the day. Almost three thousand years old (founded in 753 B.C.), Siracusa is the perfect setting for Part II of Light on Water.
Surrounded by the sea, Siracusa is a Baroque island with nearby beaches, natural reserves, and volcanic lakes.
From Archimedes to Plato, Siracusa is the place where great ideas have been developed throughout the centuries. Place, as we know, can surely create a powerful impact on one’s photographic thinking and development.
We will stay in small family run hotels and/or charming B&B residents in the centre of Siracusa (Ortigia). At this time of the year the majority of tourists have left so good rates are plentiful.vEating out in Sicily is a pleasure, with local food and of course, fish! And Sicilian wines are among the best, full reds and whites from the volcanic soil. 
Workshops costs
Fee for Finland workshop   ( 8 days)             €      1.300 (plus vat 22%)
Fee for Sicily workshop   ( 7 days)                  €      1.150 (plus vat 22%)
Fee for both workshop                 €      1.960 (plus vat 22%)
Room & Board  in Finland   plan aprox €  500  for the week, including breakfast and dinners and packed lunches.  It will be part of a package you can pay directly to the Cottages. Includes sauna.  In Finland it will be a more Home situation, at the cottages.
Room & Board  in Siracusa  plan aprox €  400/500  for the week, including breakfast. Meals will be independent  In Sicily we will explore little restaurant with local food, discovering different areas of Siracusa and the surrounding areas.
Finland: flight to Helsinki and from there by bus or train to the final destination, or another flight  (or car service if we can meet most of the students in Helsinki)
Sicily: flight to Catania, then  bus or taxi to Siracusa
Please contact us asap if you are interested in either or both of these workshops. As usual with Arno Minkkinen workshops, they tend to fill up very quickly. For Sicily there is more flexibility. For Finland, we need to know how many people will be attending in order to reserve the right number of rooms/cottages.