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Sicily Workshop  August 26 – September 1, 2018
MASTERING  THE POWER OF THREE:   A Pathway to a Cohesive Body of Work
Welcome to Europe’s most beautiful southern edge, to Siracusa, where subject matter and light are alive in splendid diversity.
Bring your passion to Sicily during the island’s most glorious time of year when summer tourists have thinned out and the locations are loaded with color, life, and mystery.
It’s the perfect time and place to discover the “Power of Three,”  Minkkinen’s unique approach to building visual continuity. It’s based on the notion that photography is more than a series of individual images or endless projects with little or no connection to one another.
If you seek to create a body of work that can expand and resonate with consistency and purpose over years and decades, Siracusa could be the place where it all starts for you. Or begins anew, as you discover the  vision that’s always been inside you. The key is learning to make/take images that share undeniable commonalities and yet are extraordinarily  different.
You’ll also learn how to work through your influences and say good-bye to the Helsinki Bus Station, the metaphor gaining fans the world over that keeps you on the pathway to a vision uniquely your own.
Arno Rafael Minkkinen is a Finnish American photographer, educator, curator, and writer.
He has had over two hundred one-person and group exhibitions at galleries and museums worldwide, including SAGA: The Journey of Arno Rafael Minkkinen, Thirty-Five Years of Photographs that traveled from Massachusetts to Eastern Europe, Finland, Italy, China and Canada. His unmanipulated self-portrait photographs can be seen in six monographs: Frostbite (Morgan & Morgan, 1978); Waterline (Marval, Aperture, and Otava, 1994), Grand Prix du Livre at the 25th Rencontres d’Arles; Body Land (Motta, Nathan, and the Smithsonian Institution Press, 1997–1999); SAGA (Chronicle Books, 2005); Homework: The Finnish Photographs, 1973 to 2008 (Like Publishing, Ltd., 2008), and Balanced Equation (Lodima Press, 2010).
Minkkinen’s works are in prominent museum and institutional collections worldwide: the Museum of Modern Art in New York; Museum of Fine Arts Boston; Center for Creative Photography in Tucson; Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne; Georges Pompidou Center in Paris; Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris; Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma in Helsinki; and Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. He is Professor of Art at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and Docent at Aalto University of Art, Design, and Architecture in Helsinki. 
In 1998, Minkkinen was awarded a Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship and three years later received a regional grant  from the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1993, the Finnish  government conferred upon Minkkinen the First Class Order of the  Lion Medal and in 2006 the State Art Prize in Photography.
In 2013 Minkkinen was presented with the Lucie Award for Achievement  in Fine Art at Carnegie Hall and in 2015 was named Honored  Educator by the Northeast Region of the Society for Photographic  Education. That same year he was also recipient of the John Simon
Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship.
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