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Summer Workshop 2018 • July 29 – August 4
Of all the changes and innovations in photography that we’ve gotten used to over recent years, the most prominent are certainly those that relate to travel photography.
Until a few years ago this was a field reserved for great travelers, who worked on commission and were able to stay on location over an extended people of time – dedicating a great deal of time to planning the trip and the photos that would be taken- this has been completely changed.
The world has become smaller and more homogeneous thanks to easier travel and globalization; rendering this quest for the exotic futile and out of touch.
Photography, particularly digital photography, can be created with automatic cameras that leave little room for technical error. This allows a vast number of travelers to take their own pictures without having any contact with a developer or printer.
Besides all of this, the culture surrounding photography is always more aligned with immediate sharing: if before we had boring evenings staring at a projector to see I was here! Now we have social networks that deliver photos in real time, as if to say: I am here! Now!
Fortunately it isn’t like this for everyone…people do still travel for other reasons: for curiosity, to learn, to know themselves.  Therefore photography is no longer simply postcards, it is becoming our way of interpreting the world, of understanding through images that we create and carry home…and maybe even print!
….our photographs become stories…
This workshop aims to re-evalutate the term “Travel Photography”
The first order of business is understanding what place photographic service has today: the style, content, ideas and definitions of simple and complex projects.  And, rather importantly, travel planning, photo planning, methodologies for organization once you have arrived on location.  To sum it up: true photographic work.  Then comes the “boring”, but necessary, phase, understood both as a work of digitization of the dark room (the computer) and the creation of archived files easily and ready to spread with unquestionable quality.  It is the workflow, the important process in the life of a photographer, between taking an image and publication or archiving.  And we will also dedicate time to methods of presentation and the distribution of images, currently something entrusted to the web.
We will look at creating and presenting a first portfolio, how to edit a photographic service whether it be for publication, a contest, an editor or for personal use.
These aren’t secrets but labor-intensive methods that require, above all, focus and drive: that is our objective.  Really, it is a moment to look deep within ourselves, to understand how much of our life we want to dedicate to this passion, in which direction to go to avoid uselss and frustrating destractions and to be satisfied with our work.
Andrea PistolesiBorn in Florence in 1957, Andrea Pistolesi studied geography at the local university.  He still lives there, a place he considers more of an inspiration than a city.  As an evolution of his incessant desire to travel Andrea became a photo reporter, specializing in human and environmental documentation.   Today he is always working for Italian and international magazines, such as: Islands, Travel & Leisure, Geo, Departures, Hemispheres, Gulliver, Gente Viaggi, Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa, Airone, Viajar, Rutas del Mundo and many others.  His volumes on exotic destinations (Indonesia, New Zealand, Morocco, South Africa, Buddhist Asia) have been published, along with images of major European tourist destinations; he is the only photographic author for the Casa Editrice Bonechi in the United States and is currently creating a series about the major religions of the world for Touring Club Italiano.  Andrea has become known for his research in the use of light in his compositions, making them deeply personal images.  Every year he holds workshops on the profession of the reporter and the use of digital technology.  A step towards artistic photography was a natural evolution in his professional development.  He has had solo shows in Italy and abroad.  He participated in the VII Biennial of Photography in Turin and received first prize in Italy in 1998 for the Fuji European Press Award.  He has taken reportage images for advertising as well, including Iveco calendars.  Recently he has been interested in and developed his use of digital technology, a medium he defines as “ the rebirth of camera oscura for color photography.”
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