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Bangkok, Thailand  • February 18-25, 2017
First things you see are the golden temples, the colourful old markets, the neon-lights sois (little alleys) where girls in tight clothes offer their services to the tourists, the best shopping-malls of entire Asia, quarters for backpackers who think time has stopped in the 70’, the local spicy food and food from all over the world, the Buddhist attitude, and hundreds of stereotypes, as you would expect when talking about any Asian metropolis…
And then you see, or better, perceive Bangkok as whole: where all the stereotypes above are used as a frame, or better a screen, where the real spirit of the city lays.
Bangkok is Blade Runner come true…Sitting on a stool by one of the main streets, watching any type of transportation man can think of, eating out from a bowl of noodles with fish, among thousands of faces at the bottom of a futuristic skyscraper, lightened by a giant monitor filtered by drizzle of rain…You look the noodles vendor in her eyes, she talks to you as if you understand what she says, and you answer and she pretend to understand…she hands  you an umbrella to protect you from the drizzle, and you keep fighting with your noodles….
This is Bangkok.
And this is the workshop we plan to run: a guide to discover the city, get lost and find your way back, in order to find a dimension that only a place like this can offer.
The dimension of the photographer/traveller, who understands the soul that’s closer to his heart, and manages to photograph it.


Bangkok is the ideal base for discovering the innumerable faces of contemporary Asia. It is a very modern capital and pleasant city to live in, but it also remains deeply immersed in the eastern culture, Buddhist spirituality, and regional politics.
The Muay Thai gyms (thai boxe), discovering the life along the river, from big cargoes to fisherman fishing out of their homes on the water, flower and food markets, the amulet market and the best street-food in the world….
All of the aspects that made this city famous are still here: a national spirit that has never been broken by colonial domination, the artistic grandeur of golden temples and sacred places are experienced intensely, the night-life that challenges the imagination and goes well beyond the expected, and the nature, both on the coasts and inland, that is so famous it doesn’t need a description.
The Centre of our workshop will be a hotel in the historic heart of the city, in the centre of lively situations both day and night, but it is also self-contained in a sort of green oasis that guarantees the necessary tranquillity and intimacy to post-produce the images captured in the metropolis. The hotel is easily accessible at any moment and reachable within a few minutes.
Bangkok is certainly a city that offers the most ideas, stimuli and technological support in the world.
Andrea Pistolesi
Born in Florence in 1957, Andrea Pistolesi studied geography at the local university.  He still lives there, a place he considers more of an inspiration than a city.  As an evolution of his incessant desire to travel Andrea became a photo reporter, specializing in human and environmental documentation.   Today he is always working for Italian and international magazines, such as: Islands, Travel & Leisure, Geo, Departures, Hemispheres, Gulliver, Gente Viaggi, Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa, Airone, Viajar, Rutas del Mundo and many others.  His volumes on exotic destinations (Indonesia, New Zealand, Morocco, South Africa, Buddhist Asia) have been published, along with images of major European tourist destinations; he is the only photographic author for the Casa Editrice Bonechi in the United States and is currently creating a series about the major religions of the world for Touring Club Italiano.  Andrea has become known for his research in the use of light in his compositions, making them deeply personal images.  Every year he holds workshops on the profession of the reporter and the use of digital technology.  A step towards artistic photography was a natural evolution in his professional development.  He has had solo shows in Italy and abroad.  He participated in the VII Biennial of Photography in Turin and received first prize in Italy in 1998 for the Fuji European Press Award.  He has taken reportage images for advertising as well, including Iveco calendars.  Recently he has been interested in and developed his use of digital technology, a medium he defines as “ the rebirth of camera oscura for color photography.”
Dates: FEBRUARY 13-20, 2016
Location : Bangkok-Thailand
Visa: no Visa required for American and European citizens.  If in doubt, please contact the closet Thailand Embassy
Workshops costs: €  1.200
includes workshops fee, 2 dinners
We have reserved rooms at the Hotel that will be our centre for the workshop. Costs vary according to the size of the room and number of persons in the room. Approx. € 50 per night with breakfast. Once you confirm the participation, we will confirm your room and you will pay the hotel directly. Meals, except for 2 common dinners, will be independent and paid separately. Eating out in Bangkok is a great culinary experience, and not expensive at all!
Meeting points: we will meet the participants at our hotel in the afternoon (4 pm) of the day of the beginning of the workshop The workshop is over at noon on the last day.
Bring your laptop, with everything that goes with it: cables, chargers, card readers, and your photo equipment. Bring an extra body, in case something happens to your camera, and we suggest bringing the minimum amount of lenses.
Consider an external hard disk to make a back up of your daily shooting.


For practical informations – accomodations, meals, transportaitons   click here
For costs and registration click here