Jaipur, India • November 4-10 2018 

Diwali is the festival of light, therefore the perfect moment to have our photographic workshop. Besides the historical and monumental highlights we will explore and portray the innermost soul of the city in this eventful moment of the year. Since such a rich occasion is subject to the risk of visual commonplaces, every participant will be offered the opportunity to follow her/his own interpretative path of the city life.

Indian people are extremely welcoming and love to be photographed, a reality that will make the mission easy even for first time comers or less experienced travel photographers. In addition we will have the precious support of local fixers to find more intimate photographic opportunities.

We will plan a project for each participant, based on her/his personal wish and level of experience, and will review and discuss your achievements daily.

Jaipur is a demanding yet captivating destination, and the best place to have your first impact with India, if you are travelling to India for the first time.

Capital of Rajasthan, the most colourful region of India, it offers many contrasts, from the imposing old building of the Rajah time, to modern life.

Big mansions where the upper classes live co-exist with poorest areas.


All around, the frenetic life that makes the “pink city” one of the most loved Indian cities: jewels-makers, street food, museums art galleries, music and contemporary art, local shows, , all are part of the big show that Jaipur offer daily to visitors and that are, more evident during Diwali.


Jaipur is one of the few places in India where Diwali is celebrated with enthusiasm & zeal. Among all festivals celebrated in Jaipur, perhaps Diwali is the only festival which transforms the city into a glitzy avatar. Fancy lighting can be seen everywhere – houses, markets and commercial building, monuments… people thronging markets hunting for gifts and deals…there is a festive spirit all around!

Many tourists visit Jaipur to witness & experience the Diwali celebrations, both from abroad as well as India. Jaipur is a popular destination among the Gujarati and Bengali tourists during the Diwali vacations.

There’s a unique blend of culture & religion in Diwali celebrations in Jaipur. Where else can you experience the eclectic mix of the modern and traditional way of celebrating the festival of lights? People who have witnessed Diwali celebrations across various cities claim that Diwali celebration in Jaipur is one of its kind. The city surely knows how to celebrate Diwali and spread the good vibes all around.



We have reserved rooms at

The Rajasthan Palace Hotel in Jaipur

a very convenient located hotel just outside the city walls, which are lit during Diwali and in the Old part of town.

Costs for deluxe room, including breakfast, aprox € 55 per night

Cost for suite, including breakfast, aprox €  80 per night

Reservations can be made directly at the Hotel, but call us first to know about promo code and availability of rooms, being Diwali time they tend to be booked rather fast.






Andrea Pistolesi

Born in Florence in 1957, Andrea Pistolesi studied geography at the local university. He still lives there, a place he considers more of an inspiration than a city. As an evolution of his incessant desire to travel Andrea became a photo reporter, specializing in human and environmental documentation. Today he is always working for Italian and international magazines, such as: Islands, Travel & Leisure, Geo, Departures, Hemispheres, Gulliver, Gente Viaggi, Bell’Italia, Bell’Europa, Airone, Viajar, Rutas del Mundo and many others. His volumes on exotic destinations (Indonesia, New Zealand, Morocco, South Africa, Buddhist Asia) have been published, along with images of major European tourist destinations; he is the only photographic author for the Casa Editrice Bonechi in the United States and is currently creating a series about the major religions of the world for Touring Club Italiano. Andrea has become known for his research in the use of light in his compositions, making them deeply personal images. Every year he holds workshops on the profession of the reporter and the use of digital technology. A step towards artistic photography was a natural evolution in his professional development. He has had solo shows in Italy and abroad. He participated in the VII Biennial of Photography in Turin and received first prize in Italy in 1998 for the Fuji European Press Award. He has taken reportage images for advertising as well, including Iveco calendars. Recently he has been interested in and developed his use of digital technology, a medium he defines as “ the rebirth of camera oscura for color photography.”



WORKSHOP FEE € 1300 + 22% taxes