Italy 2020

 Justin Sandercoe and I met in 2013 and planned our first guitar workshop for that Spring, in Tuscany. Now after 7 years and many successful workshops, we are back to offer you more for 2020.


Workshop 1

September 20 -26, 2020 • ELECTRIC BAND JAM    •  Justin Sandercoe  and  Pete Whittard

This first Italy workshop will be a band one, similar to the ones we ran last year with co-teacher Pete Whittard and maybe an assistant teacher too (still tbc). 4 songs (Friday everyone works on their own songs) which have not been decided on yet but we’ll find some crackers for you. Will be 24 students max and pitched at Intermediate level (not much harder than last year but perhaps a little!). We’ll also have session with Susan Blair working on voice skills!

Pete Whittard

Workshop 2

September 20 -26, 2020 • SINGING WORKSHOP   • Susan Blair

At the same time as our workshop we’re running a vocal workshop with Susan Blair who I was super impressed with at the last UK workshop. This will be max 12 students and will cover many aspects of singing; techniques, exercises, backing vocals and harmony as well as songwriting and production basics – also a lesson with me (we’re going to swap groups for one class!). I’m hoping that some singers will join the afternoon jams and have a sing with the guitar students and the band!


Workshop 3

September27 – October 3, 2020 • JOSH SMITH

Josh is one of my current favourite musicians and an incredible guitar player, one of the best in the world. He’ll be running a week workshop, max 12 students – the schedule is still TBC but will cover a wide range of styles and techniques, most likely based in Blues.


Workshop 4

September27 – October 3, 2020 • ACOUSTIC JAM WEEK    •  Justin Sandercoe  and  Pete Whittard

This will be a campfire style workshop – no band, but we’ll have an evening sing along where we’ll pair up and play songs for each other! This will be an intermediate level course – exploring fingerstyle, acoustic chord work, layering parts and some specific things I love like the style of Neil Young and adding some percussive elements. This will be again with Pete Whittard, max 24 students.

Pete Whittard


Please let Carlo know if you want to book on one of these and we’ll get you more info as soon as I can!



all workshops  are £1199 plus accommodation & meals

Location: Montegridolfo (Rimini)

Hotel: Castello di Montegridolfo Spa Resort (http://www.montegridolfo.com/eng)

We will go back to our favorite venue, where we have been running workshops for the past two years. The venue is awesome so it’ won’t feel cramped – in fact it’ll be super cool for the performances and will feel like a proper audience!

The hotel room prices for 6 nights range from 912-1200 EURO for single rooms and 1356 to 1644 EURO for double rooms (if you bring a partner) including 3 meals a day (and what meals!  wine included at dinner)) – sort this out with Carlo after your booking is confirmed.

As usual, to confirm your place or if you have questions about logistics, transport or any of that – please email the legend that is Don Carlo direct at carlo@tpw.it