Italy 2020

 Justin Sandercoe and I met in 2013 and planned our first guitar workshop for that Spring, in Tuscany. Now after 7 years and many successful workshops, we are back to offer you more for 2020.


Hey all,

Hope you are safe and well where you are.

I’m afraid I have some disappointing news for you, we are calling off the scheduled 2020 workshops.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment, I was really looking forward to it myself too, I love hanging with you all and something I always look forward to.

I figure I owe you an explanation and there are in fact quite a few reasons that combine to force my hand to call it off. I worry about the safety of all of you, Carlo and the teachers.

Right now things look pretty safe but we all see that things can change pretty quickly and my biggest fear would be being stuck in Italy and not being able to get home if there is a second wave in Italy. We see problems now in Spain and I don’t feel comfortable with even a possibility of being stranded away from my girls (they can’t come because Vivi is now starting school!).

I also fear some of us taking the virus TO Montegridolfo, many of you will fly there, students were coming from many other countries and it’s possible that someone might accidentally bring it with them, causing problems for our group and the region.

Carlo and I are making plans for an incredible 2021 when all this b@astard virus stuff should be behind us and I really hope you will join us. Already keen on doing the next workshop season are Josh Smith, Joey Landreth, Jim Campilongo, Ariel Posen, Rob Harris and more!! Going to be a LOT of fun!

Again I’m very sorry and I hope you understand. 

Wishing you all the best and hope to see you in 2021!



all workshops  are £1199 plus accommodation & meals

Location: Montegridolfo (Rimini)

Hotel: Castello di Montegridolfo Spa Resort (http://www.montegridolfo.com/eng)

We will go back to our favorite venue, where we have been running workshops for the past two years. The venue is awesome so it’ won’t feel cramped – in fact it’ll be super cool for the performances and will feel like a proper audience!

The hotel room prices for 6 nights range from 912-1200 EURO for single rooms and 1356 to 1644 EURO for double rooms (if you bring a partner) including 3 meals a day (and what meals!  wine included at dinner)) – sort this out with Carlo after your booking is confirmed.

As usual, to confirm your place or if you have questions about logistics, transport or any of that – please email the legend that is Don Carlo direct at carlo@tpw.it